S&M EagerBeagle
Run It and Leave No Doubt
Welcome to S&M EagerBeagle!

My name is Mike Franklin.

After a day of running, nothing's better than a nap!

Our motto is: Run It and Leave No Doubt. This motto comes from 1 Corinthians 9:24
and applies to our beagles...as well as to our own personal lives. My wife, Sandy, and
I don't want any doubt that we serve Jesus as we run this race we call life.
Just like we don't want our dogs to leave any doubt as to what they are

Located in Collinsville, OK, there is access to plenty of running grounds and a
BUNCH of rabbits.

We have and compete AKC and NKC beagles. We train young pups to start running
rabbits and we condition already running hounds so they're ready for hunting
season or competition. Sometimes, we have dogs or pups for sale. We only have
litters once every 2-3 years and generally it is because we are needing to raise the next
generation of EagerBeagles!  

We sell items for hunting dogs and hunters: collars, leashes, and more. For those
items, please click on the link on the left titled 'Okie Dog Supply LLC' or click here:  
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